Kurt and Blaine’s Christmas Duets: Which Is Best?
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Kurt and Blaine’s Christmas Duets: Which Is Best?

Darren Criss (Blaine) joined the Glee cast three years ago, and each year since then, Blaine has celebrated the Christmas season by joining his boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer) in a cheerful holiday duet.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

The duo’s first tune “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in Season 2, Episode 10: “A Very Glee Christmas” — has long been a classic for Klaine fans. The boys still hadn’t gotten together at the time, so each moment Blaine glanced longingly at Kurt or returned his flirty gaze felt like a welcome promise of things that might be to come.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” took place inside a classroom at Dalton Academy. Kurt and his crush danced around the holiday-decorated finery in perfect choreographed harmony as the snow fell gently outside.

Kurt and Blaine’s chemistry was palpable the entire time, and the simple addition of a kiss at the end of the song just might have made this one of our favorite songs Glee in history. Yet even without a Klaine liplock, it still manages to make it near the top of our list. It’s charming, flirty, exciting — and full of hope for the relationship we all hoped was in store.

Let It Snow

By the next year, Kurt and Blaine were officially a couple. When they took on the holiday classic “Let It Snow” in Season 3, Episode 9: "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," the tone of the performance certainly reflected as much.

This is the year of Glee‘s somewhat ill-received holiday black-and-white TV special. Kurt and Blaine hosted the extravaganza in their home, and they made the perfect immaculately-groomed, bow tie-sporting couple. The duo danced around their home in perfect harmony. The song was cheery; the choreography impressive. Still, it’s just kind of hard to get past that retro-style TV special. It’s niche. It’s different. Maybe it’s just not for everybody.

White Christmas

Sadly, Klaine’s holidays as an official couple turned out to be frustratingly short-lived. By the time Kurt and Blaine reunited in New York City to sing “White Christmas” in Season 4, Episode 10: “Glee, Actually,” they’d already been broken up for a number of episodes.

The duo glided together around the ice rink in perfect holiday spirit, but their dynamic this year felt more like one of friendship, not of romance. Couples skating all around them may have been holding hands or leaning in close, but not Kurt and Blaine.

At the end, it looked for a second like Blaine might be leaning in for a kiss, but but no luck. Instead, he just smiled cheerfully, and skated away without so much as a peck.

You’ve see all three of the videos, now we want to know what you think. Which of Klaine’s three classic holiday duets do you like best of all?

I can totally choose the best one.

I can't possibly pick a favorite!

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