Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump: Adrienne Maloof “Has Been Economical With the Truth”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump: Adrienne Maloof “Has Been Economical With the Truth”

Lisa Vanderpump says that Brandi Glanville made controversial comments about Adrienne Maloof on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week because the former model was fed up with rumors that Adrienne had been spreading about Brandi and Lisa.

“Adrienne has been economical with the truth on many occasions, vicious lies from her employee about myself and Brandi in the press, social media, etc,” Lisa writes on her Bravo blog.

“I felt that when Brandi exposed this particular scenario that Adrienne had wanted to keep secret, it wasn't to expose the issue, but to expose that this was just something else that they weren't honest about,” Lisa continues.

That being said, Lisa wishes Brandi hadn’t said what she did. “Look, I cannot condone what she did (she regrets it herself), but I understood her frustration. I too have been at the end of Adrienne's wrath. I deal in a different manner,” Lisa writes.

Lisa didn’t attend Mauricio’s shindig because of Ken’s hip replacement surgery, and she admits to being tense about the procedure. “[Ken and I] are so incredibly entwined I felt as nervous as he did,” she says. “It was a tedious wait, nervously reassuring myself that all would be fine but always cognizant of the fact that whenever you are under for hours, there is always risk.”

Meanwhile, Lisa is happy to have skipped the craziness at the party. “I, honestly was thankful I wasn't there. I hated to see the anger and hypocrisy about suing Brandi after what has transpired between us all, but understandably they were upset,” Lisa says.

“I could've retaliated myself and screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions, but I don't believe there are ever any winners in that situation,” she continues.

Lisa says she didn’t give Sur employee Stassi a chance to explain her issue with the customer because Lisa had already heard about the dust-up from several eyewitnesses. “The customer in question was somebody I trust implicitly,” Lisa explains. “Stassi continues to work for me, and is best friends with my daughter, so I make constant allowances for her.”

Apparently, being pals with Pandora has plenty of perks!

Source: Bravo

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