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Revenge’s Barry Sloane Teases an Upcoming “Love Square” With Emily Thorne, Daniel Grayson, and Jack Porter

It wouldn’t be Revenge without heaps of sexual tension, and the latest man on Emily Thorne’s totem pole is Aiden Mathis master of mystery and professional Revenger.

But with Daniel Grayson single, sexy, and free, how long will Emily and Aiden’s relationship last? According to British actor Barry Sloane, they’re about to change their Facebook relationship status to “It’s Complicated.”

“It’s now turned into sort of a love square,” Barry told

Considering Aiden’s been ousted from his board spot at Grayson Global, it’s up to Emily to get the inside scoop and link to The Initiative.

“The only way they’re going to push a little closer is if Emily can get that information and gain his trust, which is going to be very, very difficult for Mr. Mathis to keep calm during,” Barry continued. “He’s got a lot of feelings for Emily, and if Daniel is going to get in the way and power play him like he did last episode, Daniel’s not aware of how much of a dangerous man Aiden is, so I think he could land himself in some hot water.”

If that’s not enough, Barry also teases that Jack will get involved in the love square “at some point.”

So much hotness. We can’t even handle it.

Who do you think Emily should end up with? Weigh in below!


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