The Voice Season 2’s Chris Mann Talks Sending “Inappropriate E-mails” to Christina Aguilera! — Exclusive
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The Voice

The Voice Season 2’s Chris Mann Talks Sending “Inappropriate E-mails” to Christina Aguilera! — Exclusive

Chris Mann came in fourth on The Voice Season 2, but as his coach Christina Aguilera loves to say, he’s the “most commercially successful” artist to have come out of the show thus far.

After the smooth singer performed on the live results show last night, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with him to chat about this season’s frontrunners, his career plan, and his “inappropriate” e-mail exchanges with Xtina!

Wetpaint Entertainment: It sounds like you have some amazing things going on right now. Give us the basic rundown.

Chris Mann: I have a PBS special airing next year. That’s something that I’m very excited about. Martina McBride is my guest on that. I just finished performing for President Obama for Christmas in Washington.

How was that?

It was by far the coolest thing I’ve ever done. It was such an honor to sing for him, meet him, meet Michelle, meet the Bidens. I was sharing a stage with Diana Ross, Demi Lovato, Megan Hilty, Conan O’Brien … It was an amazing night. That’s on TNT on December 21st. I’m doing Leno on the 21st, too. It’s just been very busy.

I also have two records that came out since
The VoiceHome For Christmas, which is a Walmart record, and then Roads, which I’m stoked about. Christina did a duet with me [on that album]: “Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice. It’s just been nonstop! I’m excited and happy for all the opportunities.

Was performing for President Obama more or less nerve-racking than performing for the coaches and America on The Voice?

Nothing will ever trump the blind audition nerves — that was the worst! Luckily I got to meet President and Mrs. Obama and Joe Biden before I sang. It really helped to cool it off a little, but it was still incredibly nerve-racking. It’s a pretty big stage. It was a beautiful night. The music was incredible. The Navy Glee club and the National Symphony backed me. It was an epic evening for sure.

What’s been going through your head while watching this season? Have the eliminations been stressful to watch?

Trevin got let go. He was fourth and I got fourth, so I think that’s a good number and that he can do amazing things by coming in fourth.

Do you have a message for Trevin?

Shake it off. I had a day of depression and then I moved on and had lots of really wonderful things happen. Keep moving forward. That’s really it. All of them need to.

Do you see him having a career path similar to yours?

Oh, that would be great! I hope they all do and I hope that I keep having the luck that I’ve had. They are all so good and so different. I am excited that Nicholas David is in the finals. He’s so different and I felt like I was different last year, so I’m all about having something unexpected.

So Nicholas David is kind of the new you this season?

Yeah, for sure. He’s definitely his own animal, so let’s not confuse us, though! [Laughs]

Are you rooting for Nick?

Yeah! Really I’m rooting for them all, but I do like him a lot. Terry always is great and Cassadee lately has sort of been unstoppable. It’s in America’s hands.

Any plans to do any more collaborations with Christina down the line?

I hope so. That would be amazing. I just collaborated with Martina McBride on my PBS special, so that one will be the next duet that enters the stratosphere.

Do you keep in touch with Christina? Do you guys hang out?

We e-mail a lot and I tend to send her inappropriate e-mails.

Forwarded e-mails?

No, just like jokes. She’s funny. She’s got a good sense of humor, so it’s our little secret.

Well, the secret’s out now, Chris! Are you excited to watch his PBS special? Sound off below.

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