The Voice Season 2’s Tony Lucca Talks This Season’s Finalists: “I’d Like to See Nicholas [David] Take It”  — Exclusive
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The Voice

The Voice Season 2’s Tony Lucca Talks This Season’s Finalists: “I’d Like to See Nicholas [David] Take It” — Exclusive

Last season on The Voice, amidst a flurry of gossip and celebrity feuds, Team Adam’s Tony Lucca stood out from the pack with his lively, creative performances.

The former finalist returned to his old stomping grounds last night, chatting with Adam in the Sprint Skybox and dishing about this season’s talent.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the former Mouseketeer on the red carpet after the live results show, he spilled about his favorites this season and what’s to come in his own career.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So how did it feel to be back here tonight?

Tony Lucca: It’s cool to be back here [as] a spectator and to not really be in the race. It was great to get to see the producers, talent coordinators, and people who you get really close to in this process. It’s like a homecoming.

When we watch people get eliminated, it stresses us out. As someone who went through eliminations in the past, it must stress you out even more to watch that …

It’s pretty crazy. You just remember [the feeling] especially in the finals. I think in one of the package pieces, someone said, “I feel like we already won. I feel like a winner already.” And that’s so true because when you get to that point, there is nothing else that you can do and to beat out someone else, it doesn’t really feel like a victory. At the same time, you get down to the wire and you don’t want them to say you’re going home. “I want to keep going! I want to win this thing!” Everyone’s got a competitive side, and it tends to come out in those final moments.

How has life changed for you since The Voice?

I’m busier than I could have imagined. It was a great summer a lot of performances, a lot of appearances. I put together a pretty sizeable tour. I was out for six weeks with my band doing a club date tour which was largely sold out, and that was just clearly an indication that The Voice had the desired effect.

Is there somebody that you would like to see win this season?

I voted for Terry [McDermott] a couple of times because his voice harkens back to my childhood of classic rock. Cassadee [Pope] I’d like to see a girl win. That would be great. She’s so amazing, but at the same time I have to say that Nicholas [David] is such a unique, wonderful breath of fresh air. It says a lot about America that [they have] voted him through each week. That just warms my heart, and I think that would send shockwaves through the music business if someone like him, who is just so pure and true, won. How often does someone like him come along? I’d like to see Nicholas take it.

So you can’t commit?

No way!

Are you voting?

I may vote next week. I don’t know.

As someone that went through it, do you have a hard time deciding if you should vote versus just letting America decide?


It’s kind of a grey area?

It is, and I don’t know that I’ll vote just because I’d like to see them all succeed after The Voice and have careers that eclipse them ever having been on The Voice. Obviously what The Voice has done for music and the singers and talent that have been through it and needed some type of second or third chance has been great. Our lives have been so drastically wonderfully affected by having been on this show, so it’s nothing but gratitude.

Was Tony Lucca one of your favorites from last season? Tell us below!

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