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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Fan Questions: Which Dead Character Would Norman Reedus Revive?

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) was on MTV's The Big and Best of 2012 live show this afternoon, answering fans' Twitter questions and doing other random things — like sharing that he made boobs out of Play-Doh with a girl behind-the-scenes.

Still apparently on the boob theme, he shared a little fan story, since people are always sending him bizarre stuff. "Somebody just sent me their implant, so I use it as my phone cradle in my trailer." That's weird right? Right.

Anyway, one fan asked, out of all the Walking Dead characters who had died, which one would he bring back. Norman said it was tough, since he's friends with all the actors. "Dale, I think," he said of the character played by Jeffrey DeMunn who died toward the end of Season 2. "Shooting Dale was kind of a drag. He was sort of the moral compass to all our characters."

Norman was also asked which three people he would want to fight beside him during a real zombie apocalypse. He first answered Lucy Liu, then his son Mingus, then Olivia Newton-John. Apparently he's a Xanadu fan!

On the subject what's to come on TWD Season 3, Norman admitted, "It doesn't look good for Daryl right now," in terms of where we left his character at the end of Episode 8. But we all know Daryl will be fine when the show returns in February 2013. "There was some spoilers that sort of happened right after that," Norman said, possibly referencing the rest-of-the-season promo where we see Daryl running in the woods.

It should also be noted that Norman answered many of his questions while hugging the Ted teddy bear. Then he put on a Daryl-esque poncho. It was that kind of interview — very fun!

Source: MTV

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