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The X Factor

The X Factor 2012: Surprising Live Semi-Finals Twists!

The X Factor folk have never been shy when it comes to lobbing super-surprising twists at us when we least expect them (Goodbye Diamond White... er, hello again). So, we weren’t all that shocked that they had something planned to make the semi-finals different than all the other live results show.

So what’s different about the shows this week? Well, each act is performing two songs on December 12: one that they choose, and one that they chose with their mentors that they believe will get them into the finals on December 19.

As for the December 13th show? Well, first of all, only one person will be cut. But how they’re cut is different than before. There will not be a sing-off between the bottom two contestants, so it’s “one and done” for the act with the least votes.

Also adding to this week’s unique features, the judges won’t have a vote and will just be there to fight with each other and say funny things. Lastly, we’re all done with rankings. Other than the lowest scoring contestant (who will then be eliminated), we won’t know who’s on top going into the final week.

What do you think of these changes? Were you surprised or does this not affect anything for you? Weigh in.

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12.13.2012 / 06:53 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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