Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder Says Her “Tough” Boss Lisa Should’ve Fired Her 40 TImes by Now — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder Says Her “Tough” Boss Lisa Should’ve Fired Her 40 TImes by Now — Exclusive

We were introduced to Stassi Schroeder in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 6, and we can already tell she’s a handful. The Sur waitress will star in Lisa Vanderpump’s spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, which premieres on Bravo January 7. When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Stassi at the launch party for the new show, the New Orleans native admitted cronyism has played a role in allowing her to stay on at Sur — despite nearly being fired several times.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How long have you known Lisa?
Stassi Schroeder: I’ve worked here for three years but I’m best friends with Pandora, her daughter. So I’ve been around Lisa for a long time and I’ve been very close to her family so it feels like longer.

Why did you want to do the show?
Why I wanted to do the show, I mean it just seemed like I don’t know it’s my group of friends, my family just I don’t know cameras around it doesn’t make a difference. It just seemed liked a fun adventure for us to embark on together.

With all the drama going on here, this is still your job, how do you hide it from the customers?
Honestly sometimes — and you will see — it’s the hardest thing to do. There have been times where I’ve had to call off of work or I show up and I just can’t handle seeing certain people and I’m like, Can you cut me? I can’t handle it. It’s hard. We’re all best friends; we’re all family; we’ve all dated each other so it’s hard. But it’s just something — we are family so it’s so hard to kind of move on from this restaurant. It’s like no other restaurant.

We all know Lisa from Housewives, but tell me something we wouldn’t know about her as a boss.
She’s tough! She is! In the beginning she was very intimidating; she’s hard on us. If I don’t know the specials, if I leave a fork on the table, anything, I get my ass kicked!

She seems so nice to me!
To certain people she is, and God knows I should have probably been fired 40 different times at this point, but she took a liking to me and gives me a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th chance all the time and she is a mother figure to me. I’m lucky to have that relationship with her, but she’s tough. You definitely have to be on your game when she is around.

What can people expect from this season of Vanderpump rules?
Honestly, like everything that happened, when I think back on it, you would think someone wrote this. You would think that and I can even tell you it was the most traumatic few months of my life and you will see if you watch it and understand what I’m talking about when you do. In terms of losing friends and different relationships ending and other peoples and new relationships happening and just… it was a rollercoaster. It was so much fun at times but it was so hard. It was so hard.

How are you adjusting to having that on camera?
I don’t know, I’m so nervous; I just keep saying it. I was just watching that trailer and my heart is in my ass right now. It’s so scary; it’s like reliving it all over again. Going through something that’s so hard is already hard on your own. Then to all of the sudden have to relive it and have other people see it.

What is morale like between you and the restaurant staff now?
It’s kind of rough. You’re going to have to watch but things aren’t the same.

Between the couples or your girlfriends?
You’ll have to watch and see but things aren’t the same in a lot of different ways in terms of different types of relationships. A lot has changed.

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