Which Gossip Girl Stars Are On Twitter?
Credit: Michelle Trachtenberg on Twitter    
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Gossip Girl

Which Gossip Girl Stars Are On Twitter?

We love interacting with our favorite Gossip Girl stars, but it can be really awkward when our posters don’t talk back to us, or when we wake up from the dreams in which we were co-stars and they act like they don’t even know us. So, what’s an easy solution? Twitter, you guys, Twitter.

But for every legit star on the interwebs, there are a ton more using names and pictures of stars (“likeness” for all you copyright lawyers) with no star power to back it up. So, tweet on, basement-dwelling wannabes, but we’ll be following the real mccoys. Here’s the list of some of our favorite GG folks we follow on Twitter:

Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf): @itsmeleighton
Matthew Settle (Rufus): @matt_settle
Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina Sparks): @RealMichelleT
Kelly Rutherford (Lily): @KellyRutherford
Kaylee DeFer (Ivy): @KayleeAnneDeFer
Jessica Szohr (Vanessa): @iamjessicaszohr
Katie Cassidy (Juliet): @MzKatieCassidy
Caroline Lagerfelt (Grandma CeCe): @MsLagerfelt
Desmond Harrington (Jack Bass): @dezharrington
Zuzanna Szadkowski (Dorota): @ZuzannaWanda
Yin Chang (Nelly Yuki): @yin_i_am
Sofia Black-D’Elia (Sage): @sblackdelia
Kristen Bell (Gossip Girl): @IMKristenBell

Although Sofia’s isn’t a verified account, she tweets pics of her as a kid and hilarious political commentary, so we think it probably is. And for all of your Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries fashion questions, costume Designer Eric Daman tweets at @EricDaman_Style. You can tweet at Sofia and Eric at the same time, and ask about all those effing chain purses he gave her this season.

As for the men-folk, neither Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), Chace Crawford (Nate), nor Penn Badgley (Dan) feel the need to limit their self-expression to 140 characters. Also unfortunate? Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) is MIA when it comes to the twittersphere. We can only imagine the amazing shots she would post of her enviously happy family...

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