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The X Factor

Who Is the Best Judge on The X Factor?

It’s been a long coupla months on The X Factor, but we’re not complaining. In addition to watching incredibly talented contestants strive for the insanely awesome prize of a five million dollar record deal, we’ve gotten to see some pretty interesting sides of the judges.

Britney Spears was a wild card when the season started — everyone was excited to see her on the show, but no one knew what would happen when she was tasked with not just mentoring a group of young people, but also with judging the whole pool of contestants. You guys think she’s been a kickass mentor, though — she was tied with Simon Cowell as your pick for the best one!

Besides watching Brit-Brit’s faces and enjoying her special comments (“you look very charming”), we’ve also gotten a kick out of the other newcomer this season, Demi Lovato. Although none of Lady D’s contestants have made it through to the finals, the young icon hasn’t let it get her down. She is a feisty figure week after week, never backing down from going at it with Simon or telling America when she thinks someone is a hack.

And speaking of Simon, he’s been doing an amazing job as a mentor, somehow getting two of his acts through to the semis. As for his judging power, we still have PTSD from some of his comments (“I wouldn’t play that at my funeral”) and we are struggling with our newfound appreciation for chest hair. We even scrapped our petition against men in deep-Vs!

L.A. Reid is a loose cannon — he kind of acts the way we would have expected Britney to, before we saw her on the show. One minute he’s getting “chill bumps,” and the next he’s not feeling it — often in the same performance. He was voted your least favorite mentor, but does that apply to his judging abilities, too? The man is responsible for some very heavy hitters in the industry, but how much can you really trust someone who turned down Lady Gaga as a client?

You’ve got the facts and the know-how, now tell us your feelings on this SUPER important issue.

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They are all so awesome!

I like the X Factor UK judges 10x more

12.13.2012 / 03:02 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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