Why Is Klaus “Infatuated” With Caroline? Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Explains
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The Vampire Diaries

Why Is Klaus “Infatuated” With Caroline? Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Explains

Not everyone is down with the Klaroline ship, and some Vampire Diaries fans even wonder what Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sees in Caroline (Candice Accola). To that we say, Caroline is awesome, obviously!

But Joseph Morgan is far more eloquent than we are, and he explained Klaus’s feelings a little more in depth to TVLine, saying, “ I believe that he loves the chase. He’s been around for so long now, it’s fascinating for him that she doesn’t just fall into his arms. It’s a spark of interest.” There’s also an animalistic side to Klaus’s appreciation of Caroline’s coyness.

“Let’s not forget he’s half-werewolf, so there’s something of the hunt to this, as well,” says Joseph, admitting it’s possible that the hybrid loves Caroline. But the couple faces similar obstacles people often brought up with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Joseph explains, “For them to work, he would need to compromise a lot of who he has been for the last thousand years, and I’m not sure he would be willing to do that. He’s pretty stubborn.”

We’ll keep a close eye on Delena and let you know how that works out.

Source: TVLine

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