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How Many Times Has Jenelle Evans Been Engaged?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is one seriously hot commodity. No, really, the dudes just can't stop asking for her hand in marriage. Probably because she's a perfect human specimen with amazing hair, glittery fingernails, and non-stop access to chicken Alfredo.

But how many times has Jenelley been proposed to, anyway? Let's see, first we have the adorable food court proposal from her current hubby, Courtland Rogers. It was sweet, simple, and romantic — just like Courty himself. Of course, we can't forget the time Jenelle was proposed to by her ex-boyfriend Gary Head, but that ended when their non-stop arguments turned physical.

But wait! There's one more lucky gent who popped the question to Jenelle, and his name is Andrew Lewis. Otherwise known as Jenelle's deadbeat baby daddy! "Dude I was engaged only twice my life to Andrew and Gary," Jenelle posted on Twitter. "I broke off the engagement with Gary. When I kno I'm ready, I'm ready."

Good thing Jenelley didn't go through with her marriage to Andrew or Gary — they definitely weren't worthy of her Ke$ha-tastic awesomeness! But can you believe how many times this gal has been proposed to? She must be doing something right.

Source: Twitter

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