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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita’s Autistic Son Continues to Progress, Almost Ready to Say “I Love You”

Since her three-year-old son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism many months ago Jacqueline Laurita has persevered and been instrumental in creating a treatment plan that will hopefully help her child speak again.

It’s been a tough road so far, and Jac opened up about her struggles during the Season 4 Reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when she heartbreakingly revealed that Nick is no longer able to say “I love you.” Sister-in-law Caroline Manzo seemed confident that Nick would utter that phrase again, and it looks like she may be right.

On Dec. 8 Jacqueline tweeted, “Nicholas is now calling his brother by his name! #progress (I now keep playing him the ‘I Love You’ Barney song.1 day I know he will say it!)”

And since then, the little tyke has made even bigger strides.

“Nicholas, at 3 1/2, spells 3 letter words all by himself on his iPad on the "Bob's Books" App. #Amazing,” Jac added on Dec. 9.

Talk about impressive, way to go Nick! And not only can this toddler spell words, but he is not starting to mimic them again as well.

In one of her latest Nick updates Jac wrote, “Nicholas can say so many words now! We r trying to put 2 together now. He's starting to finally mimic words again!

We’re so proud of Jac and Nick and all they’ve accomplished in the last few months! Write your words of support and encouragement in the comments!