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Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Her Thin Body, Says Ex-Boyfriend Told Her to Gain Weight

Yesterday, Jada Pinkett Smith posted an empowering "letter to a friend" on her Facebook page.

Here's an excerpt:

"Many years ago, I was seeing a guy, who out of the blue one day, looked at me and said ‘I need you to gain some weight.’ That hurt me. Bad. No matter how much I liked him, that request, was the beginning of the end. My weight, my size was something I could not change and I knew I didn't want to be with a dude who would be yearning for something I could not be. AND...I had no interest in spending my days killing myself trying to be the thing he desired. I am petite, slender and have been this size since high school. The media may rave about thin women, but on the of thick women. It has taken me YEARS to accept and love my frame. I've learned to work what I got, take care of it and build other attributes that out weigh what I may 'lack' physically."

She said she posted this because nobody is perfect, not even celebs in magazines. "If your man, woman or partner can't love you for what you are...they may not be the one for you, because... YOU are PERFECT and ENOUGH as you are. And...there is someone out there who wants nothing more than to love you for THAT."

It's true that so much body image talk is about women losing weight, as if being tiny is the accepted ideal for all. But most of us want whatever we don't have — people who have curly hair want straight, etc. — and it's natural for someone petite to wonder what it would be like to have curves, and vice versa. But Jada's right — no one should ever ask someone else to change for them. We all came out of the box a certain way, and there's no one better to be than yourself. Preach it, Jada!

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12.14.2012 / 06:34 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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