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Revenge Season 2: What’s Nolan Ross’s Plan to Get Nolcorp Back?

Have you heard the news? Our favorite entrepreneur and lover of polo-shirts, Nolan Ross, is preparing for nerd battle! Nolan's company, Nolcorp, was just co-opted by Grayson Global, and the time has come for Nolan to take down Daniel Grayson and his group of fabulously dressed cronies.

Nolan has a cunning plan to destroy Nolcorp from the inside (Trojan Horse style), and we've rounded up three ways his scheme could play out....

1. He Could Give Daniel Bad Advice
Daniel might own the lion's share of Nolcorp, but he has no idea how to be a nerd. Sure, Daniel owns a cowl neck and writes poetry, but that's a far cry from computer coding. He'll have no choice but to lean on Nolan for advice, and Nols could easily lead him down a sketchy rabbit hole of geeky doom.

2. He Could Hire a Bunch of Amateurs
Nolan has a stellar geek squad who run Nolcorp, but he could always poach a few plebeians from "Ask Jeeves" and then sit back as they ruin the company. Daniel would have no idea that his workers are subpar, and he wouldn't be able to help them turn the company around. Mwhahaaahah!

3. He Could Become The Majority Grayson Global Shareholder
Nolan has endless dolla dolla bills, and he could easily buy-out a few key Grayson Global shareholders. If Nolan owned the majority share of Grayson Global, he'd have much more power at Nolcorp and could probably earn himself an influential seat on Grayson Global's board. In yo' face, Daniel.

How do you think Nolan will get his company back? Hit the comments and dish your wildest theories!

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12.14.2012 / 08:40 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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