Why the X Factor Winner Should Be More Than Just a Great Singer
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The X Factor

Why the X Factor Winner Should Be More Than Just a Great Singer

We are only a week out from the X Factor Season 2 finale, and we would like to take this time to have a serious talk about the show. By now, we’ve had a chance to meet dozens of great singers, performers, and artists-in-training. From the first auditions to the live shows, we’ve had our ups and downs as we’ve watched our favorites get voted off the show, or continue to fight on.

But it’s almost over now, and honestly there are two really clear choices to win: Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens, who have taken turns at being number one each week. Do Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony have a shot at winning? Of course. Anything is possible (just ask 5H’s gigantic pink bows). But considering that neither has managed to get the votes needed to be on top so far, we’re not counting on it.

The real question is, what is the point of the show? We don’t even mean that existentially. Other reality competitions, like American Idol and The Voice, are sold based on the idea they are looking for the next big thing (Idol) and the greatest voice box in the land (The Voice, duh). But The X Factor is something else. As we mentioned, an “x factor” is something that can’t be taught, and can’t be found in just anyone.

There are millions of people with great voices — some of them were even cut from the show this season. But if The X Factor is looking to be something different, and looking for someone with that real star quality, does that mean the best singer should be the winner? Especially if the best singer doesn’t necessarily have that “boom” factor?

When CeCe Frey, Diamond White, and Lyric 145 were cut from the show, we lost three great artists who all had something uniquely special about them. CeCe has gotten endless flak for her vocal missteps, but what about her stage presence and her reach? She’s been compared to XF UK non-winner Cher Lloyd who got similar criticism but who has also managed to make quite a name for herself embodying her fierceness.

If The X Factor is just another singing show, so be it, but is it? Tell us what you think.

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12.14.2012 / 04:07 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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