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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Guess Who Might Get Together?

There we were, minding our own business, playing with our official CW-released Gossip Girl character trading cards, trying to figure out who the rumored three mystery couplings would be, when BAM!

According to E! Online, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO" will totally make us go blind, in kind of a sexy Jenna-from-Pretty-Little-Liars way. Why? Because one of the couples may just be Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) and a Bass boy.

Before you start hugging yourself in fear and rocking back and forth in a measured way, it’s not Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) who may be getting close to her Georgina. Nope, it’s actually the sexy, chiseled cheek bone-sportin’ Uncle Jack (Desmond Harrington).

E! obtained a video sneak peek in which Jack pulls up in a limo and the two have a little intercourse... verbally, anyway. Their banter is hot, but considering G is married with a child, we’re not jumping to any conclusions just yet.

What do you think, Wetpainters? Will G and Jack be K-I-S-S-I-N-G when all is said and done?

Source: E! Online

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12.15.2012 / 05:39 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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