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Will Revenge’s Nolan Ross and Padma Lahari Stay Together? New Photos Indicate …

When it comes to Nolan Ross, we just want the plaid-covered sidekick to be happy. We’re not sure if his lady love, Padma Lahari, is “the one,” but that doesn’t mean we want them headed for splitsville anytime soon.

So when the Nolster’s ex-lover and CFO, Marco Romero, showed up looking vaguely revengey and ready for action, we got a little nervous for Polan. Anytime an ex-love returns, things get tricky in the world of romance, and we can only imagine how Padma must be feeling now that Marco is involved with Nolcorp again.

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But is this relationship — filled with beach-side brunch and occasional backstabbing — officially dunzo? Not necessarily.

New on-set photos were released today of actors Gabriel Mann and Dilshad Vadsaria looking tense, yet close while filming.

Things must be tough for the couple with all the changes at Nolcorp these days, but they seem to be staying strong — at least for now.

Do you think Nolan and Padma will stay together? Weigh in below!

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