WTF Moments From X Factor 2012 Semi-Finals: Britney Hates Fifth Harmony
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The X Factor

WTF Moments From X Factor 2012 Semi-Finals: Britney Hates Fifth Harmony

The X Factor Season 2 is almost over, much like our reason for living. This show has brought us so much joy over the past few months, we hardly know what to do with ourselves now that it's drawing to a close (other than drown our sorrows in pizza and shrine-building). Luckily, we can take comfort in the fact that we'll always have our WTF moments, which were in full-force this week!

1. Some Girl Named Bridgit Mendler Performs
So, apparently Bridgit Mendler is the star of Disney's Good Luck Charlie, so no wonder we have no idea who this broad is. The only Disney shows we accept into our lives consist of Bug Juice, Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire. Bridgit's performance was great and all, but we were kinda distracted by the fact that she wasn't wearing a fedora, and the fact that she wasn't Bruno Mars. Maybe next time Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All should take the stage and explain who Bridgit Mendler is?

2. Khloe Wears Blazer With Feathers Affixed To The Shoulders — Is She An Angel?
Please find some cheetos and string together a cheeto rosary. There is an angel among us, and she needs to be worshipped. This week, Khloe Kardashian took the stage wearing angel feathers wings attached to her blazer, which we can only assume she stole from Reed Deming's closet. Is Khloe a celestial being from heaven? Probably, so feel free to join our new religion. The motto? "Khlo-Money, Khlo-Problems."

3. Mario's Tie Is Tucked Into His Pants, There Is Cause for Concern
Mario Lopez is trying to tell us something. We're not sure what it is (possibly a cry for help), but dude had his tie mysteriously tucked into his pants during the entirety of this week's episode. It's like, last week he decorated a Christmas tree while wearing bright red panties, and now this? Major fashion faux pas — but what does it all mean? We see you, Mario, and we're trying to understand. Please help us help you.

4. L.A. Wears a Cowboy Hat
We've spent this past season hoping and praying that L.A. Reid would cover up his shining beacon of a head with one of Britney Spears' wigs. Tragically, he didn't get the memo, and instead showed up to The X Factor sporting a cowboy hat. Also, said hat inspired Britney to kiss his cheek. Basically, we're struggling with a lot of really confusing emotions right now (where are Kid Rock's sage words of wisdom when you need them?), but one thing's for sure: we will never look at cowboy hats the same way again.

5. Fifth Harmony Stays in the Competition
Squeal! We couldn't believe our eyes when Mario Lopez announced that Fifth Harmony had made it to the finals. All the judges pretty much hate these girls (see: Britney's face), so we did a major Pepsi Dragon spit take when their name was called. To be fair, the Fifth Harmony ladies had a great show this week, but let's get real. They looked like they had escaped some kind of Blair Waldorf-themed mental institution.

6. Britney Loathes Fifth Harmony
Did you guys get a load of Britney's face when Fifth Harmony made it to the finales? She looked completely and totally disgusted. We were seriously worried that she was going to throw-up all over Carly Rose Sonenclar's precious head. Britney hates Fifth Harmony even more than we hate vegetables, and she doesn't care who knows it. These girls better watch their backs, lest they get attacked by a roving magical umbrella being controlled by Britney's mind.

12.15.2012 / 02:41 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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