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The Bachelorette

Behind-the-Scenes Details From Ashley and J.P.’s Wedding!

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum's magical wedding is over, but we aren't ready for this romantic rollercoaster ride to end. Luckily, new information has come to light about Ash and J.P.'s nuptials thanks to People's first-class reporter, Monica Rizzo!

As anyone who watched Ashley and J.P.'s wedding special on December 16th knows, the cameras left the scene as soon as the reception started. Talk about a major bummer! How we longed to see drunken dancing and white wine binge drinking.... The good news is that Monica was there for the events we didn't see, like Ash and J.P. dancing to "Baby Got Back." Oh yes they did.

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"As the deejay started spinning tunes at the reception, Ali Fedotowsky, Michael Stagliano and Michelle Money were among the familiar faces jamming the dance floor," she tells People. "The dancing went on until nearly midnight, and I couldn't stop. None of us could. It was too much fun. Chris Harrison and producer Elan Gale tied their neckties together for an impromptu limbo competition."

Um, this sounds amazing. Way to fail at capturing that necktie limbo moment, ABC elves.

Source: People