Jersey Shore Shocker: The Cast Changes That Never Happened!
Credit: Matthias Clamer/ MTV    
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Shocker: The Cast Changes That Never Happened!

Apart from the Angelina-Deena Season 3 switcheroo, the Jersey Shore’s central castmates have remained the same through all six seasons which is a bit unusual compared to similar MTV reality shows, like The Real World and Road Rules but things could’ve gone much differently for the gang if they hadn’t been such an intoxicating bunch.

The New York Daily News chatted with MTV executive Chris Linn about some of the behind-the-scenes decisions surrounding the Shore, and, according to him, there were definitely discussions of bringing cast alterations into the mix, but Angie’s voluntary departure from the show ended up solving all of their new-blood needs.

“We talked about rotating the cast, but there was never any reason to. Angelina left of her own accord after season two, and that gave us an opportunity to bring in Deena,” he explained. “But that was the only change. Eight cast members.”

According to Chris, Jersey Shore’s cast made for “the greatest sitcom cast on television” and “lightning in a bottle” because they were hilarious and “worked so well together.”

“I don’t think you can ever plan something like what this turned into,” he said. “But when we got the first edited film, we saw how funny they were.”

As they say, if it ain’t broke …

Source: NY Daily News

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