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Survivor Philippines Spoilers: Who Are the Final 3 and Who Wins? (UPDATE)

Survivor spoilers ahead!

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UPDATE: Denise did win! But both Lisa and Skupin got votes as well, which is nice. It's always frustrating when there's a final three and only two get votes. Might as well just go back to final 2's, when that happens.

Original story:

If these spoilers are correct, fans will probably be pretty happy with the winner of Survivor: Philippines.

On Survivor Season 25, Episode 10, Lisa Whelchel (of Facts of Life fame) and Michael Skupin (of Survivor: The Australian Outback) put themselves on the market for a final four alliance. They had officially ditched Abi-Maria Gomes and Pete Yurkowski as alliance-mates and first approached Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Cook Islands and Fans vs. Favorites) for a final four, along with Carter Williams. Penner was loath to commit, so Lisa and Skupin made the same final four deal with Denise Stapley and Malcolm Freberg. That decision probably helped doom Penner, who is reportedly tonight’s November 28 boot on Episode 11 (because Abi supposedly wins immunity). If that pans out, it may also seal the deal for the final four of Lisa, Skupin, Denise and Malcolm. (UPDATE: Yes, Abi won immunity and Penner got the 11/28 boot. Good sign for the rest of the spoilers.)

According to forum spoilers, that's this season's final four, with giant threat Malcolm getting the F4 boot, leaving Lisa, Skupin and Denise as the final three. Some unnamed source already told the National Enquirer that Lisa made the final three. That would confirm some stuff already out there.

JokersUpdate's forum posted a boot list from Survivor Sucks, and even though the order is off in some places, it mentions Denise, Skupin and Lisa as the final three, with Denise and either Skupin or Lisa getting votes, but not both. Another Sucks list included that final three, and the general belief is that Denise wins by a good margin, with Skupin in second and Lisa not getting any votes. (UPDATE: A new spoiler report switches Lisa and Skupin, with Skupin not getting any votes.)

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It’s not confirmed or anything, but the same names have popped up in a few different places, so that at least makes us curious. We'll see!

What do you think about the idea of sex therapist Denise winning? It seems like it would be a satisfying win — she and Malcolm were the underdogs who survived the decimation of their old Matsing tribe (like Stephenie and Bobby Jon from Palau) and Denise got the short end of the stick when she was merged into Kalabaw, while Malcolm got merged into the stronger Tandang. Denise’s strength, work ethic and social skills helped her outlast her new female Kalabaw tribemates, and after the merge she reteamed with Malcolm, then made the smart move to combine with Lisa and Skupin. It was her big plan to blindside Artis on Episode 9, which was the first break in the Abi/Pete/Artis alliance of Tandang.

If Denise does win, it would mark the third female winner in a row, after South Pacific's Sophie Clarke and One World's Kim Spradlin. If Skupin does make final three, it would also continue the trend of at least one returning player always making it to the finals of a newbie/veteran season. Stephenie started the trend when she mde it to the final two of Guatemala. Interestingly enough, in her CBS bio, Denise answered that the Survivor contestant she's most like is Stephenie. "I really like Stephenie from 'Survivor: Palau.' If that wasn’t “digging deep” I don’t know what is. She has sheer will power and determination. That is what drives me."

Sources: National Enquirer, JokersUpdate, SurvivorSucks, CBS

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