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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Speculation: Did Klaus’s Action Kill Any Hope of Klaroline?

Given the fact that we’ve asked Santa to bring us Klaroline tees this holiday season, we really hope that Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) whole killing-off-hybrids-and-Tyler’s-mom thing doesn’t affect the chances of a Klaroline hookup sitch.

Yet, we have to acknowledge that the blond vamp might take offense to the fact that Klaus is hardcore gunning for Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) demise. Which leads us to painfully ask: Did Klaus's action kill any hope of Klaroline?

In the grand scheme of hot Original-vampire sex, the slaughter fest in Season 4, Episode 9 does throw an enormous wrench into our fan-fic fantasies. It’s a shame because, just when it seemed like Caroline (Candice Accola) was beginning to form a soft spot for Klaus — even showing a sense of remorse about possibly hurting him — he had to up and do this. Sigh.

We hate saying this, but if Caroline thought Klaus was bad before (and she did), then this is going to intensify those feelings by roughly one million percent.

Unless, that is, you completely disagree with our Klaroline cynicism — in which case, please, make your claim in the comments below!

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