5 Things to Know About the Gossip Girl Series Finale
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Gossip Girl

5 Things to Know About the Gossip Girl Series Finale

The Gossip Girl finale will be on and over before we know it, but before you cozy up on your couch with your fingers crossed that everything goes in the direction you want, you should know a few things.

1. Showrunners considered keeping GG’s identity a secret.
Showrunner Stephanie Savage spoke with TV Guide about the identity of Gossip Girl. And it turns out, it’s been under lock and key with all the precautions you might think. "We always had an idea in our minds of who Gossip Girl was, which we needed to be able to tell our stories, but we were never sure if we were going to reveal that," Stephanie reports. "We weren't sure that that was something that the audience would want to know. Maybe they would like the idea of not knowing who Gossip Girl was." Nope. Tell us. Tell us now.

2. Chuck and Blair’s wedding might not be as blissful as you hope.
Will Blair (Leighton Meester) be Mrs. Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) when the episode ends? It certainly looks like a full-blown wedding takes place, but is that the whole story? According to Stephanie, "Chuck and Blair are both where they wanted to be, but are circumstances such that they'll be able to be together the way that they wanted to? Or have too many things happened that will stand in their way?"

Considering we’ve seen the dress and the kiss and all that, we know there’s something for sure. But holy matrimony! That isn’t the whole story, the producer says. "There definitely is a wedding. Whether people get hitched without a hitch or whether there's complications is something to tune in for."

3. It doesn’t all come out in the wash
Just because the series is ending, that doesn’t mean Gossip Girl will bend over backward to make sure we can all sleep tonight with our questions finally answered. Stephanie says, "It's Gossip Girl, so I think you want to give closure, but everything doesn't necessarily have a perfect bow on it. There's always going to be unanswered questions and twists you didn't see coming."

4. Our little feelers might get hurt.
As for the mood when it’s all over? Blair’s headbands might be the sweetest thing happening. Stephanie says, "The tone of the show is not completely sentimental — there's a little bit of a bite to it and I think the finale is going to have that."

5. All’s well that end(game)s well?
If you’re in doubt about what people want to happen in the finale, just look all over Tumblr or the blogs or the Twitters or anything with a Chuck and Blair avatar. People want what they want, plain and simple. Will they get it? Not necessarily. Stephanie says, "I think there were some character endgames that were always in our minds, but again, you have to be open to maybe that's not where fate is going to take people."

Source: TV Guide

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