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Ali Stroker On Her “Instant Connection” With Dani Shay — And If She Considers Herself a Lesbian

We’ve been squealing with joy a lot lately, now that The Glee Project’s Dani Shay and Ali Stroker have made their relationship official. Seriously, how cute are those two?

Ali tells New Now Next that she and Dani felt the chemistry right away. “When we were done shooting some stuff, we went off and talked,” she says. “We felt this instant connection auditioning for the show, but it wasn’t really the time or place to pursue a relationship.”

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She says it was tough when Dani was eliminated so early on in Episode 2. “I didn’t even really get to say goodbye. It was traumatizing, to be honest,” Ali admits. “When she got back [for the final episode], I had to warm up again. I remember looking her in the eyes and being like, ‘Let’s not do that again!’” Speaking of eyes, we’re tearing up here, people!

Ali says the producers knew something was going on between her and Dani, so it might have been difficult to keep their relationship off-camera if Dani had stayed. “The producers were on to us — they weren’t clueless,” she says. “When the show was finally over, we got to spend some time together. It was just really wonderful to be able to connect in a not-reality show setting.”

She says that she had the cutest coping method to deal with Dani’s absence: She would write notes to her before bed. “I would write to her every night in a journal, and it was like she was there with me where we’d have these one-sided conversations,” Ali says.

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Ali says that some people in her life have been surprised to learn that she’s dating Dani, but she doesn’t have any reservations about telling people. “I remember these conversations where I’d go, ‘I met someone, and her name’s Dani.” And they’d go, ‘… Wow!’” she admits. “I have never felt prouder to tell my friends and family about someone.”

“People ask me, ‘Oh, are you a lesbian now?’ and my response is, ‘I have no idea!’ I’ve never dated women before Dani, I don’t know if I’ll date women if Dani and I parted ways,” Ali continues. “For me, Dani feels very androgynous. She feels male and she feels female. It’s not gender specific, like my feminine energy is attracted to her masculine energy.”

The one thing Ali knows for sure? “I know I’m in love with her.”

Aww! So touching! And what more is there to know than that?

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