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The Bachelorette

Blakesley and Max Sutter Make Their Christmas Lists — Cute Pic of the Day

It’s almost Christmas, and Blakesley and Max Sutter are in a rush to get their letters to Santa! We just hope Santa can decipher them, because even their mom Trista Sutter isn’t sure what’s going on here!

Trista tweets, “Kids decided to draw lists for Santa. Asked Blakesley what hers was: ‘I'm not gonna tell you. You havta wait til Christmas.’” It looks to us like she is asking for either a black hole or a big cinnamon bun and some goldfish crackers. (But we’re kind of hungry, so your interpretations may differ.)

Max’s list is a little less mysterious, thanks to some descriptions from Mom. Max wants some Star Wars Angry Birds toys and a horse for Blakesley. Okay, we’re absolutely melting that Max included a present for his little sis on his list. MELTING!

Source: Trista Sutter’s Twitter

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