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Teen Mom

Chelsea Tries Therapy to Get Over Adam: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 6, “A Leap of Faith”

You guys, Chelsea Houska has The Sads. She's basically sad-facing all over the place — in fact, she's so sad that she's buying herself pity Pugs. Why, you ask? Because girlfriend's heart was just broken into a million pieces by her shirtless baby daddy, Adam "Chintee" Lind, who would apparently rather get his arms tattooed by bearded hill people than date her. What-to-the-ever, Adam.

Chelsea is so depressed that she's letting her GED studying fall by the wayside, and she's in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Most of her friends and family want her to try out therapy to real-talk about her man issues, but Chel-Chel is resistant. It's like, who needs therapy when you can drown all your troubles in a tanning bed, right guys?

Luckily, Chelsea reluctantly decides to battle her depression with a therapy session, in which she dishes on her life problems and the therapist encourages her to "google boundaries." Ummm, best doctor ever? Yes.

So, does therapy help Chelsea? Heck yeah, y'all — this gal is more than ready to recognize her boundary issues with Adam, so let's hope she moves on from their relationship and hits up greener pastures.

Do you think Chels will get over her man? Tune in when Teen Mom returns from a short holiday break!

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