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Drew Barrymore: I Would Rather Be 5 or 10 Pounds Heavier Than Deprived

Drew Barrymore isn't going to fight to get into perfect shape.

The former wild child posed for Playboy at age 19 — and her
E.T. director Steven Spielberg later sent her a quilt with a note to "cover yourself up" — but she's now the 37-year-old new mom to baby Olive, and her life is very different.

Drew posed for her second Allure cover just weeks after giving birth, and she told the magazine, "I don't think I've ever had or will ever have that kind of body where it's like, 'Watch me now! I'm in a bikini!' I cannot live a life where I'm deprived. I'd much rather be five, ten pounds heavier. With my luck, I'll get myself to that perfect goal weight, and I'll get hit by a bus. Then I'll be like, ‘Shit.’ I'll be looking at myself from some afterlife, going, 'You idiot. You could have had the agnolotti, dummy.'"

Ha! If there is an afterlife, most dieters will probably be kicking themselves for not eating more delicious food. Then again, the delicious food indulgers may be getting to the afterlife sooner. Pick your poison!

Source: Allure

12.18.2012 / 09:43 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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