SUR Waitress Scheana Marie Talks Lisa Vanderpump’s Spinoff, Vanderpump Rules — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

SUR Waitress Scheana Marie Talks Lisa Vanderpump’s Spinoff, Vanderpump Rules — Exclusive

Like most L.A. restaurant workers, Scheana Marie isn’t just a waitress. She’s also an actress and budding pop singer who just released her first single. And these days, she can add reality star to her resume. Thanks to her day job working for Lisa Vanderpump at Villa Blanca, she was featured on Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…where she almost had a super awkward run-in with Brandi Glanville, whose husband Scheana unknowingly dated while he was still married! (Note: He didn’t wear a ring and told Scheana he was single.)

And while the cast of SUR — Bravo’s spinoff about the sexy 20- and 30-somethings working at Lisa’s latest hotspot — hasn’t been announced yet, we think they’d be crazy NOT to include her. She dished to Wetpaint Entertainment about her music, what it’s like working for Lisa, and why SUR is the perfect setting for some serious drama!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you divide your time between waitressing and performing?
Scheana Marie: I work for Lisa about three or four days or nights a week depending on the schedule. And I do my music and acting around that.

Are you mostly at SUR or Villa Blanca?
I’ve been at Villa Blanca for three years, but since SUR Lounge opened, I’m there a lot, too. I go back and forth.

How is Lisa as a boss?
She is amazing. I love her. I honestly have never worked for someone so great. I will admit, at first I was intimidated by her. But she’s just so funny, she puts you right at ease. My vibe with her and Ken is great. I’m even friends with their daughter — we share the same birthday. I enjoy going to work every day.

She and Ken, it’s a real partnership. They’re amazing together and complement each other perfectly. I always tell people I hope I can be like them in 20 or 30 years.

Do you think there’s enough drama at SUR to warrant its own show?
Oh my god, yeah! Everyone who works there, we’re all good friends. Even when we’re not working, we hang out together constantly. We’re really a family.

Does everyone get along?
I’ll put it this way: You’ve got a lot of really gorgeous, sexy men and women working together. So relationships happen. And everyone’s an actor or a singer or a model in their spare time, so there’s always a level of competitiveness and jealousy.

As much as we love each other, you put a bunch of good-looking, talented, and competitive people together, it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. There’s never a dull moment, I can promise you that!

Follow Scheana at @ScheanaMarie and catch her on the season premiere of Femme Fatales on May 25 at 11 pm on Cinemax.

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