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Glee Fans Rank HOW Low on List of Best TV Fans?

If you ask anyone who watches Glee about how loyal the show’s fanbase is, we’d pretty much all rank ourselves as number one. But according to TV Guide, that might only be the case in our hearts (and on Tumblr).

TV Guide conducted a poll to find out which television show had the best fans, with more than 115,000 TV watchers casting votes to rank the shows with the most dedicated fanbases.

Which show’s fans came out on top? You may find this surprising (especially if you’ve never heard of it), but the one with the number one fanbase in the poll is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yep. Apparently, the show has a strong male fanbase called “Bronies” who helped the show collect 9% of the vote.

So what about Glee’s fans, which we know are a very loyal lot? Uh, you might wanna sit down for this shocker: Glee’s fans were ranked way down on the list at number 22. Yep, you heard correctly 21 other shows’ fans somehow placed higher on the list than Glee’s. Not cool.

As for which shows beat out Glee, number two on the list of devoted fandom’s was Doctor Who, followed by The Walking Dead at three and Star Trek at five. We get it, British sci-fi, zombies, and... Star Trek — those come with some pretty niche devotees.

But some more surprising shows to beat out Glee include Breaking Bad, NCIS (what the what?), and Chuck which was canceled almost a year ago. Uh, no offense to Chuck fans, but are that many of you still invested in a show that isn’t even on the air?

Maybe we’re just bitter. Still, we find it hard to believe that Gleeks are ranked so low, considering all the fanfic, blogs, and shipping going on. Despite ratings dipping over the past couple seasons, we still rank it as our number one obsession.

Source: TV Guide

12.18.2012 / 11:58 PM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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