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How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Robin and Barney Are Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations to Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) for their surprise proposal on last night's "legendary" How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 12! So now what?

Executive producer/co-creator Craig Thomas told Entertainment Weekly they still don't know if there will be one more final season, or if the show will end with the final 10 episodes, which will return on January 14. But he teased some character details for the remainder of the season.

What about Ted?
"Definitely there’s a feeling at the end of the episode [that] there’s still an odd man out here," Thomas told EW. "There’s still Ted Mosby [Josh Radnor], who is just the best friend in the world to Robin and to Barney, and he’s still out there searching. There’s definitely a 'to be continued' feeling. If Barney and Robin have gotten to the place we’ve always promised and are heading toward a wedding potentially, what’s in store for Ted? It’s a nice moment to end on. It sort of feels like a mini season finale even though it’s just a midseason finale. It feels like, 'Alright now, let’s see what the next — and possibly last — chapter is for Ted.'"

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What's next for Barney?
"Barney is still Barney. So we’ll see what it’s like for Barney Stinson to really be engaged and really know that 'This is the last woman I want to be with.' We’ll see Barney struggle with reconciling those two parts of himself — the playboy manipulator and the guy who’s got the girl. How does he behave and make sure it all goes well? Ultimately, it’s not going to be Barney constantly looking at other women and asking, 'Did I make a mistake?' and angst and all that. It’s not that. We want these two characters to be together, and we know they’re heading toward a wedding day. So far it’s actually been fun; Barney is still fun."

Rachel Bilson is coming
"There’s going to be an appearance from Rachel Bilson, who we know is a very direct, one-degree of separation from The Mother. I don’t want to say too much more about that, but she will reappear. Make of that what you will."

Ashley Benson is also coming
"I literally can’t tell you much about that either because it’s a little bit of a twist. But she’s really funny, and the one thing I can tell you is that she will play a much younger woman who Ted is attracted to but he ends up asking the question, 'Am I just way the hell too old to be up this late at a club with this girl?' It definitely forces Ted to ask the question, 'Am I getting too old for this?' — for lack of a better term. But she’s going to be great. We’re shooting that as we speak. That’s episode 14."

Are you intrigued? Read the full interview for a lot more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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