Jersey Shore Stars Reveal Five-Year Plans: Business, Babies, and Acting Gigs (VIDEO)
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Stars Reveal Five-Year Plans: Business, Babies, and Acting Gigs (VIDEO)

Now that the Jersey Shore is nearing its big finish, the cast has been putting together their individual plans for future successes, and in a new interview with MTV, they each spilled their five-year plans.

Check out what they had to say about their ambitions for the near future!

Snooki: “The next five years, hopefully, I'll have my own talk show … I want like a late-night talk show, so I can talk about anything and get raunchy and you know just like have fun, kind of like a Chelsea Lately kind of show. I would love to have that, but you know hopefully have more kids, be married and have my clothing line be a success.

JWOWW: “My five-year [plan] would be marriage and babies … And being a producer, business and babies.”

The Situation: “Business and babies, I like that! Remember that! That's a good one! I'm thinking the next five years, you know, I've dreamt since I was a little boy to be in front of the TV screen and four years later, you know, 'Look at me! I'm on MTV, mom’ … But I'd like to continue that, whether it's TV or movies. Hopefully, that's the next step. And whatever the future brings, I'm looking forward to it 'cause I got my boys and girls with me.

Jersey Shore Stars Reveal Five-Year Plans: Business, Babies, and Acting Gigs (VIDEO)
Credit: Snooki's Twitter    

Vinny: “I'm like just continuously trying to, like even from day one of this show, I was trying to just take acting opportunities. And now I go to [Upright Citizens Brigade] class for comedy, I have my own talk show coming out on MTV, so in five years I really hope to make a name for myself in the acting comedy world.”

Ronnie: "I definitely still want to do TV; I'm doing stuff … I have Ron-Ron Juice hitting the stores at the end of January. I want to stay with kind of the liquor and that whole party scene kind of thing, but I definitely want to do the acting if that doesn't work out."

Sammi Sweetheart: "I kind of want to get into hosting and things like that. And I am, of course, branding. I have my workout line; I have a clutch/purse line, perfume, cologne, just branding stuff. But, hopefully, as long as I'm happy and successful, that's all that matters."

Deena Nicole: "Next five years? I don't know... hopefully my Whisper hair product kicks off and my clothing line, but if not, I plan on maybe going back to school for beauty, hair, makeup … And hopefully maybe me and Chris moving in with each other and going from there."

Catch the series finale of Jersey Shore on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: MTV