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Teen Mom

Kailyn Struggles With Being Single: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 6, “A Leap of Faith”

Kailyn Lowry is officially single and ready to mingle now that Jordan has betrayed her (note to self: never date dudes who need subtitles), but girlfriend isn't ready to shop for a new slice of man meat just yet. In fact, she spends most of this episode ugly-crying about how she'll never find love again. Damn you, Jordan! Damn you and your charming-yet-devious ways!

Luckily, Kailyn finally realizes that Jordan is treating her badly, so she calls him up and kicks him to the curb. Way to be a strong, independant woman! But also, we'll miss you Jo-Jo.

The good news is that Kailyn has the beefy shoulder of her baby daddy, Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body (aka Jo Rivera), to lean on. In fact, Jo comes over to comfort Kailyn about her breakup with Jordan, and offers a few sage words of wisdom. We wish he would have rapped them over some sick beats, but still. This guy!

We know Kailyn's all torn up about Jordan and his terrifying beard of secrets, but is it just us or does she still have a thang for Jo? Nope, not just us — girl is totally crushing. There's just one problem: Jo is dating a music video superstarlet named Vee, so he shoots down Kailyn's offer to get back together. Naturally, Kailyn reacts to this bad news by sobbing uncontrollably in her car.

Awww, poor girl! Will she ever find love?

Spoiler alert: she does!

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