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Teen Mom

Leah Tells Corey About Her New Man! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 6: “A Leap of Faith”

Prepare for your hearts to explode into a fountain of joy: Leah Messer has found love in a hopeless (read: backwoods) place. This gorgeous blondie may have finalized her divorce from her baby daddy, Corey Simms, a hot second ago — but the dudes just can't get enough. Now Leah is dating a new hottie named Jeremy, and bonus: He wears hoop earrings on both ears. We know, we know, amazing.

Leah and Jeremy are head over heels for each other, and they even decide to "go steady" during a romantic motorcycle riding session. Oh, and also Leah has never ridden a bike before. Psshhhh, amature hour.

We're happy for Leah and all, but guys. What about Corey? Leah calls her ex-hubby up to break the news, and shockingly he handles it like a champ. In fact, he wants to hang out with Jeremy for some bro-time — after all, Jer's chillin' with the kiddos!

Sigh, Corey's camouflage hat is making him so mature. Who would've thought he and Leah could be so grown up about each other's dating lives? And speaking of dating, Corey isn't exactly having good luck. In fact, his love life is totally lackluster.

Shhhh, don't worry friend, soon you shall plow your seed in another field.

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