Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 3, Episode 7: Brandi Glanville vs. Faye Resnick
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 3, Episode 7: Brandi Glanville vs. Faye Resnick

Another dramatic dinner party on this show? What are the odds! In this week’s intense Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 3, Episode 7, Kyle Richards’ friend Faye Resnick tees off on Brandi Glanville, while Lisa’s husband Ken just wants some tea.

Brandi Tells Her Friend Darin, “No Wine For You”

The episode picks up where last week’s ended, with the brouhaha at Mauricio’s work event. (Good luck trying to get people to focus on buying condos at the party now.) After Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif leave, Kyle tells Kim Richards that she shouldn’t have told Adrienne about Brandi’s comment at the event, whereas Kim maintains that that’s what friends should do. Agree to disagree.

Taylor Armstrong is shaken up, and she gets into things with Camille Grammer by comparing Brandi’s comment to the way that Camille brought up personal information about Russell and Taylor’s marriage last season. Mauricio makes it clear that he isn’t happy with what went on, and that he doesn’t hold Adrienne and Paul entirely responsible.

Finally, Brandi’s friend Darin asks for a glass of wine, and Brandi’s like, “Not gonna happen.” Suddenly, the two are out the door. Not exactly a night to remember for anyone.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 3, Episode 7: Brandi Glanville vs. Faye Resnick
Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Yolanda Takes the Stairs

We catch up with Kim on a different day, as she takes her daughters out to do pilates. They discuss Kim’s son Chad’s upcoming 21st birthday party in Vegas, as Kim is wary about going to Vegas so soon after rehab. However, Kimberly is confident in her mom, which is a really sweet moment. It’s true what they say: Pilates really brings people together. (What’s that no one says that? Well, people should say it.)

Speaking of working out, Yolanda Foster is in the middle of a workout so rigorous that we perspire just watching her. Seriously, the woman has an amazing body, but that workout does not look fun. And we haven’t seen someone run up the stairs that fast since, well, every horror movie in which someone makes the brilliant decision to escape from a knife-wielding psycho by running to a higher story.

Next, Kyle is planning a dinner party to show off her almost-finished dining room, which is a funny reason to throw a dinner party, but we’ll go with it, since dinner parties on this show are always entertaining. Mauricio is tired of Brandi’s gossip and would rather she not come, but he agrees that Kyle can’t just un-invite her. (Miss Manners would be proud.)

We get a glimpse of what’s in store at the party when Kyle meets up with Faye ahead of time. Faye says that Brandi says things that “cut as deep as possible,” as Faye is clearly still upset for what Brandi said about Kim. Plus, Faye tells Kyle that she has never heard Adrienne lie before. In other words, this dinner party should be interesting.

Party On! And Then, Uh, Party’s Off

Brandi meets with Lisa to tell her what happened at Mauricio’s event, and Brandi also suspects that Adrienne gave a story to Radar Online about her supposedly excessive partying. Lisa explains that she has forgiven Adrienne for what she said, and that Brandi may want to do the same. Gotta love Lisa!

Speaking of cutting deeply, Lisa takes Brandi to see Ken, who shows off his gnarly (but manly!) scar — although if he had shown anymore skin to Brandi, Bravo would have needed to pixelate it. Ken appears to be active, which is an improvement from earlier in the episode, when Brandi sent Ken flowers, and Ken kept pestering Lisa for tea and biscuits. Of course, if we had someone offer to make us tea, we’d probably take advantage of the situation, too.

It’s now time for the party, and things get off to a pleasant enough start, with the ladies talking about how their butts look in heels (um, okay), and Kyle mentioning that she’s hurt to not have been invited to Vegas with Kim. These two sisters seem to be so close to patching things up, and yet they can’t quite seem to get there. We’re rooting for you two!

But it’s safe to say that Faye is not rooting for Brandi. The conversation turns to Mauricio’s party, with Brandi joking that Adrienne doesn’t have a book deal and may have bought one, which Kyle and Faye don’t appreciate, as Kyle claims that Adrienne definitely has a book deal. Then, Faye and Kyle both tell Brandi that she should be the one to apologize to Adrienne. Needless to say, Brandi isn’t on the same page. (Get it “page”? Book deal? Never mind.)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 3, Episode 7: Brandi Glanville vs. Faye Resnick
Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Time to Backpedal or Is It “Petal”?

Faye criticizes Brandi’s “random allegations,” informing Brandi that she’s been friends with Adrienne for 25 years. (By the way, we’ve never heard the word “oh” used as a weapon until Faye does it.) Kyle and Faye both think Brandi should send flowers, which leads to Lisa reminding Kyle that she wouldn’t have wanted to send Brandi flowers during their dust-up. This is food for thought (since no actual food appears to being eaten at this party).

Kyle feels that Lisa is only saying that because she doesn’t like Adrienne. Lisa says that isn’t true, but she also says that she sure doesn’t want Kyle’s finger in her face. If there’s one thing we learned over the years, it’s that these ladies love to point.

The flower idea is apparently a non-starter, meaning that Ken should feel honored that he got flowers from Brandi. Brandi tells Faye this isn’t her business, and no surprise here Faye disagrees. So Kyle’s friend Marisa Zanuck steps in and says she agrees with Brandi. Uh-oh. Faye then turns on Marisa, telling her she hasn’t seen Brandi’s “cruel behavior” and that Brandi attacks people for attention. (Time for a deep breath, Faye!)

Faye is now on a roll and says that Brandi spews lies and just says things, as Faye feels that Brandi did with Kim last season. Brandi tries to say that she and Kim have since moved on, but Faye again disagrees. (Faye isn’t in a very agreeable mood, if you haven’t noticed.)

Finally, Brandi gets up to leave, and as she walks away, Faye tells her that she’s expecting Brandi to now spread lies about her. Yeesh. To sum it all up, Kyle offers one word: “S**t.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Kyle.

So what is there to make of all this? Well, if we know one thing, it’s that Faye and dinner parties don’t mix. We’re not going to really pick sides in this fight, but it is nice to see Marisa step up and point out that Faye shouldn’t really be involved. While it’s true that it would be nice for Brandi to apologize for what she said, Faye’s incessantly harsh words just aren’t helping.

Now, we can’t wait until the next episode to see how things get resolved and to see what Kyle might say to Faye about her comments. In the meantime, we could use a drink. Does anyone mind making us tea? Anyone?

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