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The Voice

Terry McDermott Reveals That Shirtless Adam Levine Was a Last-Minute Surprise

Last night on The Voice Season 3, Scottish rocker Terry McDermott had the time of his life singing three songs and one tribute, getting to see his father for the first time in four years, and performing with his coach Blake Shelton.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the finalist on the red carpet following the show, where he revealed that one very interesting change was made to last night's performance. And we’re glad it was!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Three performances in one night, was that rough?

Terry McDermott: It was a bit rough actually. The problem is I should have maybe backed off a little bit on the Aerosmith one. As soon as the first chord was played I was like, “Oh yeah. I’m gonna go for this,” but it’s better to burn yourself out and put on a good performance than to hold back and regret it.

Speaking of that, whose idea was it to have the shirtless Adam out there with the long hair?

I have no idea. All the way through rehearsals, he had his shirt on. There was no headband. There was nothing. That was a surprise to us. I look over and Blake is laughing his ass off, and I’m like, “What the hell is going on here?” We had great fun with that! It was just a nice little touch. We were having great fun in rehearsal and that just finished it off.

How was it to have your dad come out?

What could I say? Who wouldn’t want to have their parent fly out to see something like that? He’s been watching from afar. He’s been staying up late at night watching it on the Internet so to have him in the room, to feel the atmosphere, to see the reaction was wonderful. He’s still here. He’s going to be here for a few days. I’m sure I’ll have a drink with him and have him critique my performance over and over again.

It seems like the last few weeks, the producers have been trying to give you a heart attack with all the family surprising!

Yeah! I was like you know you could just put me through and assault course or an endurance test. You don’t have to keep wheeling out family members to try and test my cardiac system.

Is it weird to be competing against one of your own team members in the finals?

We’ve never really been that competitive. We get on so well and the way that we’ve always viewed it is you just leave it all on the stage and then other people will decide. Nobody’s trying to sabotage or be negative. We want the best for each other and if you win it’s because you deserve to and your performances connect you to more people.

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

What was the plan behind your song choices tonight?

Well, “Broken Wings” is my son’s favorite so I thought this really has been about family and their support for me so I thought, what better way to thank my son than to perform that for him. And of course the bring back moment was the moment that changed things for me in this competition. It did very well on iTunes in a way that I hadn’t done with rock songs before and it kind of set a new direction. I felt that it was important to bring that back and, of course, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” was actually Blake’s idea, but when he threw it out there, immediately I was like, “We gotta do it.” We wanted to have some fun.

You seem to have a fondness for leather jackets. Do you own a lot of them?

I do have a bit of a jacket fetish. My wife actually complains that I live in New Orleans, and it’s 100 degrees like nine months out of the year, and I’ve got like 70 jackets but I don’t care. I love them. I’ll just look at them in the mirror.

How did Blake fit into the family when you all went over to his house?

We all looked pretty short by comparison. We fit in great. He invited us in and told us not to mess up his couch and apart from that, he was very hospitable.

What was his house like?

He was explaining to me that it is kind of like a second house away from home. It’s a lovely big place and he was saying that it kind of feels a bit vacuous when he comes in.

He needs some new decorations? Like dead animals on his wall?

That’s actually exactly what he said … that in his front room he needs to get something he’s killed and hang it on the front room. That’s absolutely true. That’s the first thing he said.

If you win, what’s the first thing you are going to do? Are you going to Disneyland?

I already have seen the press schedule for the winner so I promise you, nobody’s going to Disneyland [laughs]. You won’t get anywhere near Disneyland, if you win, for quite some time. If that’s the worst thing that happens to you if you win, so be it. It means you’re working and nobody wants to be looking for work.

Do you think Terry will win? Weigh in below!

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