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The X Factor

X Factor 2012 Finale: Which Superstars Are Singing Duets With the Final Three?

Look, we don’t want to break your hearts. We just want to give your hearts a break. What’s that you say? We didn’t write those words? Well, that’s just... totally true. But the thing is, The X Factor is all about singing other people’s songs, and trying to make them your own.

So, it’s only fitting that girl group Fifth Harmony, which has performed not one, but two of judge/mentor (we miss you, CeCe) Demi Lovato’s songs on the show will be singing with the 20-year-old diva in the finale!

As for the other two finalists, welllll it’s going to be less of an obvious combination. Tate Stevens was dying to duet with country superstar Garth Brooks, but since Garth wasn’t available, the show went in a different direction. Mister Ten Gallon will be singing with Grammy-nominated Nashville quartet Little Big Town.

And speaking of little, 13-year-old phenom Carly Rose Sonenclar has an interesting pairing of her own. Do you remember that bar scene from Coyote Ugly when Piper Perabo sang on a bar with LeAnn Rimes? Well, it’s gonna be JUST LIKE THAT, without any of the aforementioned details except for the part where LeAnn Rimes is in it. Because, um, that’s who Carly Rose is singing with. Capice?

What do you think of these pairings? Does one act seem to have an advantage or disadvantage based on their duet partner choice? Would you rather have seen your favorite act sing with someone else? Weigh in below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter