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The X Factor

Emblem3 Talks Life After X Factor Elimination: New Home, New Outlook, New Album? — Exclusive

Emblem3 — comprised of brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg, joined by their bro Drew Chadwick — was shockingly booted from the X Factor Season 2 competition last week. No one was more surprised than judge Britney Spears, whose epic appalled face is now the GIF heard ‘round the world. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with the boy banders after their elimination, covering everything from how they’re handling being out of the game (gracefully) to what they learned from The X Factor process, to maybe possibly signing a record deal with Simon Cowell.

So I take it you’re over the elimination. No hard feelings.
Drew: We really like to dwell on the past. It just makes you a happy person. Sorry, I’m being blatantly sarcastic.
Keaton: Honestly, we never really had any hard feelings on the competition, it was just kind of what happened. We were happy for the other contestants, we have so much love for them. They’re beautiful people. We feel like things are going to work out for us ok in our career inevitably. We feel like we’re going to be ok.
Drew: We might not have five million dollars but we’re not going to die. We’re still alive, we’re still breathing, we’re still living life and we’re still loving. So that’s really what matters.

When you were on stage and they announced Fifth Harmony as the first act to go through, what were you guys thinking?
Keaton: I was thinking, “Oh my God, that’s so cool, they’re all such amazing cute girls.” I’m happy they made it through. Just to see the pure joy radiating off their faces, they were so happy to make it through and they’re so deserving of it, it brought me joy.

Was there a sense at that point that only one group would go through to the finale?
Keaton: Yeah, I kind of thought that at first but I just kind of accepted it. I just let whatever happens happen, and it did. And I’m ok with it.

So what was the weekend like? What did you do?
Keaton: We actually just moved into a new place on the beach and we have been playing music and relaxing all weekend. We got to go to a red carpet event for the VH1 Divas last night, which was super rad. We actually saw Demi (Lovato) perform which was really cool.

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Can you say anything about what we can expect for the finale?
Keaton: We actually have no idea yet. We’ve just been told we’ve got to go up there and rehearse. We don’t even know the song, or anything. And for the pre-show I think we’re going to be jamming an original song.

So now you finally get to be yourselves, after all of that.
Keaton: Yeah, it’s awesome how it turned out. We did the competition, we played by the rules and it had a great outcome. We have so many fans and we learned so much about the whole experience, it was worth it. And now we’re back here with all these fans and all this knowledge about the industry and we’ve expanded our musical capabilities and we get to start with so many things going for us, so many resources to take advantage of, it’s just awesome.

What did you learn about the industry?
Keaton: The way that I put it is that X Factor basically was a training course in every single way possible, even the little stuff like how to compromise with other professionals, and learning how to be cooperative and work with others in a musical environment, little stuff that like that, that you can only gain through experience. So basically the value of information and knowledge that we gained through this experience surpasses the five million dollar price. And we’re going to rock’n’roll.

When we talked to Simon a couple of weeks ago he said that he wouldn’t let anyone else sign you guys. Has anything come of that since you were voted off?
Keaton: We haven’t gotten to talk to him yet but we read the interview and that’s super awesome. Basically, after the show we’re going to talk to him and see what’s going to happen.

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