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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Faye Resnick Calls Brandi Glanville “Disingenuous,” Says Adrienne Maloof Shouldn’t Have to Apologize

Faye Resnick took to her Bravo blog to defend her heated remarks to Brandi Glanville in Season 3, Episode 7 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, saying she wanted Brandi to understand the pain that she caused for Adrienne Maloof.

“I have always known Adrienne to be a woman of great integrity and with one of the kindest hearts in Beverly Hills,” Faye wrote, saying that she spoke to her shortly after Mauricio’s event. “I called to check on Adrienne and heard the hurt in her voice as she cried on the phone. It broke my heart.”

“By raising the issue at the dinner party, I was hoping Brandi would shed some light as to what would drive her to reveal something so intensely personal and private,” she continued.

Faye wrote that she tried to offer Brandi “a solution on how to make amends,” but that Brandi wasn’t receptive. “Brandi's response was confusing. She first said she was sorry for what she said but didn't want to apologize yet. I didn't understand?” Faye wrote. “If you’re truly sorry, you apologize and cleanse your aura.”

“But minutes after saying she was sorry she said she wasn't going to apologize because Adrienne hadn't apologized to her. Apologize for what?” Faye asks.

Brandi’s joke about Adrienne buying a book deal really bothered Faye, who saw it as a continued attack on Adrienne. “And as far as her telling everyone at the table that ‘it's none of your business,’ she should have followed her own advice. What business was it of Brandi to involve herself in the most private and personal business of Adrienne and Paul's?”

Faye also wasn’t buying that Brandi really meant that she was sorry. “And while afterwards she claims to be ‘sorry’ for what she said, the harm has already been done, so saying, ‘Things just come out my mouth’ or ‘I'm sorry’ time and time again, this behavior becomes disingenuous,” according to Faye.

In other words, it sounds like Brandi and Faye won’t be patching things up anytime soon.

Source: Faye Resnick’s Bravo Blog