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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale’s Biggest Shockers: Cameos, Weddings, and Henry Bass

From the very first moment of flashing lights and sirens, to the very last bow tied around the good ship Derena, Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO" packed some major twists and shocking moments.

1. Jenny Dan is Gossip Girl!
Haven’t you ever wanted to mess with your friends a little bit? What about with COMPLETE STRANGERS FOR SIX YEARS? Well, in Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)’s case he was only a stranger for like, the first fifty GG blasts or so. So, when he reveals to Serena (Blake Lively) that he’s Gossip Girl... but at first we kind of think it’s his sister... and then we know for sure it’s him... well, it gets ya thinkin’, that’s for damn sure!

2. Georgina is in on Chair’s getaway/Chuck and Blair GET IN A TRUNK
One time, a friend of ours was so drunk at a party in college, she had to be driven back to campus in someone’s trunk. It was a Subaru. In Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester)’s case? They were escaping police questioning in the back of a limo, thanks to some help from Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg). See? We are thisclose to being Georgina Sparks.

3. Jack and Georgina get together
Although we did see a spoiler clip alerting us to this possibility, we thought the fact that G is married with a kid might prevent the two sometimes-villains from ever hooking up. Alas. To be fair, the only reason they didn’t get together sooner is because there wasn’t time, according to producer Stephanie Savage.

4. Chuck and Blair get married in a public place
It’s not like it was the subway or anything, but the idea that these two could change so much over the season that they’re all of a sudden cool with Blair’ bajillion-dollar custom couture being dragged across a place where someone probably peed recently... weird.

5. Jenny goes to work for Blair.
With her “J for Waldorf” bag in hand, it’s clear that Jenny (Taylor Momsen) is back from London and back to work for Waldorf Designs. Although Blair tried to sabotage her first round at the company, second time’s the charm. In a season of full circles and self-references, this is the funniest one.

6. The stories behind the cameos.
Oh, the glorious cameos. Although Kristen Bell was a total treat, and her scene could not have been any better, Rachel Bilson’s appearance was nearly as laced with nuance. Rachel became a household name working on GG co-creator Josh Schwartz’s first big hit, The O.C. and is now on his and Stephanie Savage’s, um, less-than-awesome Hart of Dixie (which we secretly love). The fact that Kristen throws in a “I’m not sure you can still play high school” is the icing on that cake.

The other excellent O.C. throwback? Willa Holland, who was Kaitlin Cooper on that show, and played Agnes Andrews on GG. She now plays Thea Queen on Arrow, on which she stars with another cameo maker, Katie Cassidy (Juliet). Dizzy yet?

Oh, and the Mayor Bloomberg appearance? Love it. We still remember when he created “Gossip Girl Day,” and are still wondering why we don’t get that one off from work. As for Lisa Loeb as Rufus’s wedding date in the last segment? Perf. Although we’re so over Vanessa (Jessica Szohr), we like that she filmed it on The Carrie Diaries set (Eric Daman, Stephanie Savage, and Josh Schwartz’s next CW show).

7. Dan and Serena get married at Chuck and Blair’s house.
More shocking than any public setting (It’s Central Park, guys, not some tenement dirt patch) was that Dan and Serena got hitched SO RANDOMLY in Chuck and Blair’s lair. It’s a lovely townhouse, to be sure, but they had FIVE YEARS to plan this wedding, and that’s the best they could do? Think about it.

There were photos all over the Internet, but we were still so heartwarmed (yeah, that’s a word now) and delighted when all our suspicions and rumor whisperings were proven to be correct. YES.