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Happy Birthday, Jenelle Evans! 5 Reasons We Love You

Ladies, prepare your bodies: It's Jenelle Evans's 21st birthday, and the time has come to celebrate with a luke-warm bowl of chicken Alfredo. In fact, feel free to go crazy and buy yourself an Ed Hardy seat cover. Why not, right guys?

In celebration of Jenelle's birth into this beautiful world, we've rounded up five reasons we absolutely adore her. Check 'em out!

1. Her Passion For Ke$ha
Jenelle's deep love for Ke$ha is truly inspirational. Girlfriend risked going to jail just to see this leotard-loving broad in concert, that's how deep her passion runs. Sigh, one day we hope to love something as much as Jenelle loves music. Other than pizza, of course.

2. She Admits to Her Mistakes
Jenelle is far from perfect, but one of her best attributes is a willingness to admit she's wrong. We've seen Jenelle make all kinds of poor decisions on Teen Mom 2, but she always ends up learning from them. It takes a big person to admit to their mistakes, and we're so proud of Jenelley for doing so!

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3. She's a Good Mom
Jenelle might not have custody of her son, Jace, but she always puts him first. Instead of being an absent parent, Jenelle sees Jace on the regular, always makes time for him, and treats him like the little prince that he is. Hopefully, this gal will be able to fight for custody sometime soon so she and Jace can be officially reunited!

4. She's Always Trying to Better Herself
Jenelle's been arrested more times than we can count, and let's not forget about that time she stole her mom's credit card. But despite a few setbacks, Jenelle is always willing to turn over a new leaf in her book of hard knocks.

5. Her Fashion Is Amazing
Remember when Jenelle rocked that epic tie-dye hoodie to rehab? So do we, guys. So do we. Jenelle's fashion always keeps us guessing, and lately her style has been killer. Less hoodies, less problems.

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12.19.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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