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Real Housewives of Atlanta

“I Feel Like I’m in the Midst of Katrina and a Georgia Tornado All at Once!” and Other S$%! The Real Housewives Say

On Sunday’s episode, our Atlanta housewives got sweet, saucy, and little bit crazy. You may be wondering how that’s any different from any other week, but set against the beautiful Anguillan backdrop things just seemed a bit more intense. Or maybe that’s because of the midnight screaming matches, risque sexcapades, and romantic vow renewals?

Whatever the case, a lot was said, so read on for our top ten quotes from Season 5, Episode 7: “I Do … But I Won’t”!

10. NeNe Leakes: “I haven’t even had breakfast, but if it’s champagne time I’ll just deal with it.”

Boozy brunch anyone?

9. Phaedra Parks, on Kandi Burruss and Todd’s midnight hot tub romp: “You can get in it, just don’t drink the water. You get all pregnant, and the babies will look like Todd!”

Good luck explaining that to Apollo ...

8. NeNe, on Kenya’s “relationship” with Walter: “Who are you in a relationship with? Because it’s not anybody on this island.”

Unless Kenya found that hotel manager again ...

7. Phaedra: “It’s a donkey expo!”

Something was definitely on display.

6. Cynthia Bailey: “Kenya was putting some extra sauce on her sandwich”

Can we have a some fries with that shake?

5. Porsha Stewart: “I’m not going to let this 1993 beauty queen ruin my vacation.”

Not unless this is a Back to the Future crossover.

4. Phaedra, describing Kenya and Porsha’s fight: “I feel like I’m in the midst of Katrina and a Georgia tornado all at once.”

In Kenya’s immortal words: “Hold on to your weaves girls!”

3. Kenya Moore: “You hit below the belt, you gonna get punched in the face”

Does that Miss U.S.A. title apply in the boxing ring too?

2. Phaedra: “Since I’m in love with my own vagina, I protect it dearly.”

Do we have to hear about your eternal love of your nether regions?

1. Kenya: “I’m Gone with the Wind fabulous”
NeNe: “Bitch, is it movie night?!”

In Kenya’s mind, it always movie night.