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The Voice

The Voice Season 3: What Would Have Happened if the Final 3 Picked Different Coaches?

Unlike most singing competition shows, The Voice allows contestants to choose their own fate. If someone is talented enough to turn more than one big red chair during the blind auditions, the four celebrity coaches duke it out, trying to convince the singer to join their team.

This season, the show introduced two groundbreaking new twists: Coaches could “steal” contestants after they lost a battle round and not all four judges would make it to the finale. While these changes knocked Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine out of the competition a few weeks ago, it allowed Team Blake’s Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott to both make it to the finale!

Notably, even though fan favorite Amanda Brown was recently eliminated, she would have been gone during the battle rounds if Adam didn’t “steal” her from Cee Lo. This got us thinking: What would happen if the Top 3 picked different coaches? If Cassadee went with Christina instead, would she have explored country music or stuck to pop rock? And if Terry went with Adam, would he have strayed away from classic rock and went for more modern hits?

Let’s break down all of the possible outcomes:

Cassadee Pope

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This rocker turned all four chairs during her blind audition, but ultimately went with Team Blake. Throughout the competition, he has been incredibly supportive and brought out Cassadee’s country side, which has made for big wins with both iTunes and America’s votes. Had she gone with another coach, she probably wouldn’t have tackled “Over You,” which Blake co-wrote with his wife, Miranda Lambert, who recorded the song.

If Cassadee went with Team Christina, the pop diva likely would have steered toward her own pop music roots, though since Xtina is a big fan of Cassadee’s, she would have fostered creativity in the young singer, pushing her to try more daring tunes. We can see her as a diva-in-training with Xtina’s help, and therefore, Cassadee would still be a frontrunner on Team Christina.

On Team Adam, Cassadee’s rocker side would likely have been more prominent, not going for fluffy pop songs. With his guidance, she wouldn’t have performed “Payphone,” but we bet he would have coaxed her to sing a Blake Shelton song, or even to put a new twist on an Xtina track! But considering how much Adam loved Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez, Cassadee’s coaching could have fallen to the wayside. It’s questionable whether Cassadee would have made it to the finale on Team Adam.

We feel mixed about what impact Team Cee Lo would have had on Cassadee. He loves his contestants and coaches them well, but we didn’t see his last remaining contestant, Nicholas David, get very creative until last night. At times, it seemed like Cee Lo let Nick get stuck in a certain genre, and chances are that Cassadee would end up being a mix of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson all season if she was with the Lady Killer. However, with her talent, we think she could still sell iTunes singles like it was her job. Cassadee would probably make it to the finale on Team Cee Lo.

Terry McDermott

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Terry is Team Blake’s second contestant in this season’s Top 3, and he got there by “singing the heck” out of classic rock songs. With the country crooner’s help, the Scottish rocker tried out many different types of songs while still putting his signature Terry twist on them. In the blind auditions, everyone but Christina turned their chairs, and the pop diva has admitted she regrets that decision.

Since there’s no way Terry could have ended up on Team Xtina, let’s jump right to Mr. Levine. If he was on Team Adam, he would have definitely been encouraged to stick to classic rock, but we think that Adam would help modernize him. Since Maroon 5 has been so successful, Adam knows exactly what type of rock music is popular these days, and Terry could have balanced current music with some of his favorite classics — especially British rock! Personally, we would have loved to see him sing Keane or U2, and with Adam’s help, Terry would definitely still be in the finale on Team Adam.

On Team Cee Lo, Terry could have explored different aspects of his voice. Since he can wail high notes like a pro, Cee Lo could have helped him with his falsetto and vibrato. Also, the Lady Killer would definitely embrace the Scottish rocker’s roots, likely treating him like a male Juliet Simms. We think that with Cee Lo’s help, Terry could have crossed genres, exploring both the softer side of his voice and a more up-tempo, R&B style. Ultimately, on team Cee Lo, Terry would probably still be in the finale.

Nicholas David

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Since only Cee Lo turned for Nicholas, we don’t need to speculate about how the other coaches would have helped him, but in short, no one else could have coached Nick the way that Cee Lo did. Christina would have probably tried to steer him toward a more pop-driven style; Blake would have attempted to get him into country or folksy tunes; and Adam would have made him rock out more. We’re not trying to say that the other coaches wouldn’t let him be creative, but Cee Lo is the only person who could truly understand Nicholas’s unique style, and together, the quirky pair dominated the competition this season.

Do you think that the Final 3 picked the right coaches this season? Sound off below!

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