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The Vampire Diaries

Why Did Klaus Stake Rebekah? Vampire Diaries Fan Question of the Day

You have a question for us — why did Klaus (Joseph Morgan) stake Rebekah (Claire Holt) — and we have one for you: which time?

The Vampire Diaries’ Original family is fairly dysfunctional, and Klaus just loves daggering his siblings when they disagree with his plots and plans. The first time we see him incapacitate his little sister — in Season 3, Episode 3 — it’s because she’d rather stay with Stefan (Paul Wesley) than flee with her big brother in 1920s Chicago. Basically, Klaus didn’t want to be alone, but he kept the majority of his family locked away in coffins for the better part of a century. Hey, we never said his actions were rational!

In Season 3, Episode 10, Klaus temporarily undaggers Rebekah — this time it was Elena (Nina Dobrev) who took her down with the white oak-dipped dagger — but he slides it back in when he realizes Bex won’t be very good company now that she knows he killed their mother.

The third time, Klaus is still smarting from Rebekah destroying his last three bags of Elena’s human blood. But he makes nice to get info about Alexander, the member of the Five whom Rebekah hoped to marry. Once Stefan tricks her into revealing the location of the dead hunter and his sword, she’s not much use to Klaus. “You really are a hopeless fool,” he tells her, chiding her for falling in love with a man who wanted to kill her.

“No one will ever sit around a table telling stories about a man who couldn’t love,” she fires back as he prepares the dagger. “Look me in the eye and do it, you coward,” she snarls at him. With that, the OV buries the weapon into her gut.

It was an incredibly sad moment, but we have no doubt Bex will be back to cause more trouble for her brother and the rest of the Mystic Falls crew someday soon.

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12.19.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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