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Jersey Shore

Will Snooki Invite the Whole Cast to Her Wedding? She Says… (VIDEO)

Last night (December 18) the Jersey Shore cast — Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi Sweetheart, Ronnie, Vinny, The Situation, Pauly D and Deena Nicole — assembled in full once again for a final group appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and boy, was it informative! Here are some highlights of what those lovable little guidos and guidettes revealed.

Who’s Changed Lorenzo’s Diapers?
Both JWOWW and Deena Nicole have done doody duty, they said, but Snooks is Lorenzo’s main keeper. “They come in and see Lorenzo, but I love him to death. He's my life so I take care of him." Speaking of which, the entire cast unanimously agreed that Snooki’s a great mom to her baby boy. "I try," she cooed.

Which Co-Stars Will be Invited to JWOWW and Snooki’s Weddings?
Both JWOWW and Snooki are engaged, and when asked about whether the whole gang will be invited to the big days, JWOWW declared that everyone will be invited to hers while Snooks was a little less gung-ho about it. When asked whether anyone will be excluded, she said, “I don't think so. We'll see.” Somehow, we have a feeling that comment related most to Sitch.

Who’s Planning JWOWW’s Bachelorette Party?
That’ll be Snooki! And she’s got some wild ideas (hint: giraffes were a factor) for the big night.

Does JWOWW Want Her Wedding Televised?
JWOWW said that she “hope[s]” that’ll happen.

Are Sammi and Ronnie Together?
Yes! They’re now three months into living together, and while Ronnie says it’s “still early” in their happy reunion, both were smiling.

Is Pauly D Up for Being the Next Bachelor?
Do Italians eat meatballs? Of course he’s up for it! “I would love that ... I think we should do that,” he said of the prospect.

What Were Their First Impressions of Each Other?
According to Ronnie, the first thing he thought about his fellow fellas on the Shore was this: “I walked into the house, and I saw Mike and I thought why does this kid keep lifting up his shirt without talking. I looked at Vin, and I'm like why does he have sunglasses on in the house, and then I see Pauly and I'm like, oh my God, they still make you.” Deena, who came into the show for Season 3 said, “For me, when I walked in they all knew each other, so I was like alright, I'm going to try and be like cool, and they all hated me.”

Is Deena as Wild at Home as on the Shore?
No. Deena claims to be a “homebody” off-camera. “I'm a homebody ... Everybody thinks I'm such a drunk!” she squealed.

How Much Did They Make Working at the Shore Store?
According to Snooki, the gang worked four hour days four days a week and made two hundred bucks a week. Scoff!

Catch the series finale of Jersey Shore on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

12.19.2012 / 09:25 PM EDT by Amanda Bell
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