Will There Be a Gossip Girl Movie?
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Gossip Girl

Will There Be a Gossip Girl Movie?

Now that we've said goodbye to Gossip Girl and its cast after a healthy, six-year run, we can’t help but wonder if there are plans for a future movie.

Could the cast reunite somewhere down the line, a la Sex and the City? Leighton Meester, who plays the devious Blair Waldorf, told MTV back in 2009 that a Sex and the City route for the show “would be kind of hot,” and since each episode leaves the audience with a cliffhanger, “it would be pretty juicy as a movie.”

Back in May, Chace Crawford, who plays pretty boy Nate Archibald, told E! Online: “I don’t know if I want that, or do not want that. I don’t know what the logistics would be on that. I would imagine it’s a long shot. Who knows?.” If it was up to him, Gossip Girl would end with a bang. “Like the end of Die Hard,” Crawford said, “just walking away from an exploding helicopter.”

Chace’s fantasy ending almost happened — when Chuck was supposed to be on the Bass Industries jet that crashed (all thanks to Bart) — but the Season 6 finale was full of more emotional explosions than literal ones. In fact, it seemed like the loose ends all pretty neatly tied together. What would you like to see in a GG movie, if they're to make one? Maybe something about Blair's glamorous life as a UES mom and fashion designer?

Source: MTV, E! Online

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12.19.2012 / 01:58 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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