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Castle Season 5 Spoiler: Why Does Kate Beckett Go Back to Therapy?

Last season on Castle, Kate Beckett had a different man in her life. They spent many afternoons together, and she shared her biggest secrets, fears, and dreams on his couch. Naturally, this other man was her therapist, Dr. Burke.

Now that she has someone else to open up to — aka the love of her life, Rick Castle — we assumed she wouldn’t need to take a trip back to the doctor’s office, but cameraman Andrew Bikichky spilled that Dr. Burke’s portrayer, Michael Dorn, will reprise his role in an upcoming episode!

And even better, TV Guide recently shared the story behind Kate’s latest therapy sessions. Thankfully, she’s not having trouble in paradise with Rick, but she does have another run-in with her mother’s murderer, Senator Bracken, that shakes her to her core.


"A murder seems to lead to his doorstep and Kate thinks this her opportunity to finally get the man who was responsible for her mother's murder, behind bars," creator Andrew Marlowe teased to TV Guide, but Beckett may spin out of control, treading into gray moral territory.

"Nothing is as it seems," he added. "The case leads us into really interesting moral territory for our character."

It sounds like Kate will spend some quality time on the couch come February sweeps. Do you think she’ll finally catch Senator Bracken? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide

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