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The Voice

Christina Milian Weighs in on The Voice’s Season 3 Winner: “Finally, We Have a Girl That Won!”

Standing up in the Sprint Skybox, social media correspondent, Christina Milian, gets the rare opportunity to interact with The Voice’s contestants and coaches when they’re not on stage.

And in last night’s live finale, she was just as excited for winner Cassadee Pope as the rest of the cast and crew on the show. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the former pop singer on last night’s red carpet to talk about this season’s success and the coaches’ dynamic going into Season 4.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you feeling about tonight’s results? Finally, a female winner of The Voice!

Christina Milian: I’m ecstatic! Finally, we have a girl that won. Yes, yes, yes! [Cassadee Pope]’s done such a great job this season, and she just appeared out of nowhere. If you pay attention to how she’s grown through this season, it’s all new. I’m really excited. She’s very relatable and it makes you root for her when you watch the progression.

It seems like there was a lot of girl power on this finale with all the musical numbers. What were some of your favorite moments this season?

Oh man, there were so many. I loved Sylvia [Yacoub]’s performance of “My Heart Will Go On” — beautiful! There were a lot of girls on this season, but I think tonight, it was the girls singing “Best of My Love.” I also liked the boys singing “Stacy’s Mom.” I wish I was Stacy’s mom.

It was pretty surprising this season that none of those heartthrob boys made it to the Top 3…

Yeah. You know what? I think our audience is so broad, and it’s not only just young kids, it’s also grown adults. When you look at our Top 3, look at Nicholas David. See his progression and see how different he is with his style and sound. Yesterday, he kicked butt singing “Great Balls of Fire.” It just goes to show that we have a variety of fans. I’m happy that it’s not just boxed into one sound and one type of audience. It’s all about music here.

What was your favorite Cassadee moment this season?

I’m so proud of her. Tonight, watching her with Avril Lavigne — that was great … And then when she sang the Keith Urban song and she made it her own — I didn’t even actually know that song, and it made me go look for [it]. When I heard her sing it and how natural she was doing it, I was proud of her.

How do you feel about Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera leaving The Voice?

I’m going to miss Cee Lo and Christina — especially this season, they just amped it up and really showed their personalities. It was of course a competition, but this season especially, we did become a family. I’m going to miss our family members. They are going off to college for a little while, but they’ll come back, right?

Have you had a chance to work with Usher and Shakira yet?

Yes. I’ve worked with both of them already, and they both have the knowledge to back it up. Shakira is a lot of fun. She’s a cool girl. I’m actually surprised how cool she is and how smart she is. She’s great at getting somebody to pick her. The same thing with Usher. Mention Justin Bieber, and that might actually get someone to pick [him]. That’s kind of like Blake [Shelton] being like, “I am the country artist of the year.” He can be like, “I am the mentor for Justin Bieber.”

How has the dynamic changed with them, and what will you miss most from the current dynamic?

I think what I’ll miss most about the current dynamic is just the outlandish outfits that Cee Lo and Christina wear, Christina’s wit, and Cee Lo’s natural ability to just be a teddy bear. I think [Shakira and Usher] watch what we’ve done already and Blake and Adam make them comfortable. I think they’ll be able to joke around and throw on the cool outfits and do everything else that represents them. They shouldn’t become what Cee Lo and Christina are, but they get to find out that they can go on with the theatrics. It’s fun here. We’re all for it.

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12.20.2012 / 01:30 AM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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