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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl’s Identity Was Almost Revealed in the Pilot Episode

Have you heard? Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) is Gossip Girl. To the seven of you that didn’t know before you read this article, sorry we’re not sorry. (It’s been days guys — buy yourself a DVR for Xmas.) Anyway, here’s the thing. Although a lot of you knew Dan was the titular character before it was officially revealed, it was a total shocker to the rest of the world when he showed his true font.

But the show’s best kept secret (keeping the bar low here, we know) almost got out before it started. How? Oh, just a total accident. Even though it was kept from cast members until the last possible moment, audiences nearly got a sneak peek.

Executive producer Stephanie Savage tells E! Online, “[I]n the pilot episode, the test audience thought that Dan was Gossip Girl. We actually had to re-edit one of our sequences. It's when he's on the computer looking at Gossip Girl, the way it was edited that he was typing as the voice was coming up, people thought that they were being told that he was Gossip Girl. So we actually had to re-edit that sequence.”

Well, that would have been a different show altogether... Are you there God? It's Me, Gossip Girl.

Source: E! Online

12.20.2012 / 05:31 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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