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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Offers Kenya Moore Some Advice: “Never Beg a Man to Marry You”

Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore may not get along, but that hasn’t stopped Porsha from offering Miss U.S.A. some sound advice.

In light of Kenya’s desperate attempts to get her boyfriend, Walter, to propose, Porsha has offered her opinion to the 41-year-old singleton. “Never beg a man to marry you #respectthecode,” Porsha tweeted on Dec. 18.

And that certainly wasn’t the last of P’s helpful tidbits either. Earlier in the day, Porsha shared, “Never give another woman's man the ‘sexy eyes’ #respectthecode.”

Of course, being a smart cookie, Porsha never mentions Kenya directly, but we’re pretty sure that’s exactly who she’s referring to. What do you think of Porsha’s words of wisdom? Tell us below!